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Petimera: Coffees of Indonesia

“Each cup of it represents an imaginary voyage”


We are a new coffee brand in Slovakia, just being launched to the Slovak market at the end of May 2017. We offer coffees from Indonesia, all are single origin, specialty grade and 100% Arabica.

  • Single origin. We offer 11 different coffees from 6 different islands in Indonesia. All are either from one plantation or from plantations in one geographic area. Unless otherwise stated, our single origin mostly are also single variety;
  • Specialty grade: our beans have less than 5% defect, an artisanal product instead of commodity. Our coffees are being carefully taken care from when they were sowed, grown, harvested, processed, sorted, packed, shipped, stored, roasted and branded. Mostly everything is done manually under strict standardized procedures;
  • 100 % Arabica, which trees can only grow on soils of more than 900 meters above the sea level, therefore grows on more limited area and in Indonesia means hardly accessible area. They have less caffeine, more sugar and high oil content compared to Robusta which leads to smooth and supple textures.

We have our coffees directly shipped from Indonesia in the form of raw green beans and they have a very high product traceability level.

They are shipped in bags specifically designed for agricultural products to prevent the contents from being infected by fungi or insects, or from absorbing moisture and smell during the long journey from Indonesia.

They are freshly roasted in Slovakia in small batches to guarantee the freshness.

We packed our coffees right after having been roasted in packages with one way valve to avoid the coffees from being stale. This valve let the carbon dioxide expelled by freshly roasted beans get out of the packages but won’t let air and humidity get inside. We also equipped our packages with zipper to keep them fresh longer after the packages are opened.

We only sell in the form of coffee beans because we encourage coffees aficionados to freshly grind them before brewing them. But in case you request it, we can also grind them for you.

In short, we take our coffees seriously.